Canon Upgrades Pixma Printers With Built-In Refillable Ink Tanks

The advent of ink tank technology, the cost owning and maintaining printers have come down drastically. Gone are the days of paying for exorbitant price for ink cartridges and resorting to imitation version only to regret later. While Epson can be credited for the revolution, Canon has some how rounded the edges making the technology […]

HTC Vive Showcase New Contents For CES 2017

Next week will see the tone being set for 2017 in technology when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off in Las Vegas. will be reporting live from the Strip, bringing updates and keynote addresses as they happen, so stay tuned to this channel. Sneak peeks have been flooding our inbox ever from CES […]

Today’s Steam Awards Category: Best Use of a Farm Animal

Over the past week, categories for the Steam Awards have been more bizarre than normal. Today’s category takes that even further as it concerns games with farm animals. Take a look at the nominees. ARK: Survival Evolved Blood and Bacon Farming Simulator 17 Goat Simulator Stardew Valley  

Meet Samsung Focus: The Company’s All-in-one Productivity App

Samsung Focus, an all-in-one productivity app, helps business users focus on what matters most. The productivity solution accomplishes this by providing quick access to email (available with multiple accounts), calendar, memo, contacts from a single app via a tabbed interface.   Each tab can exchange information to make creating, prioritising and completing tasks more efficient. […]

Amazon Have Patented an Airship Warehouse

Did you ever think consumer society would reach a point where it would be acceptable for shops to just be floating in the sky? Well, it seems we have reached that point, according to the people at Amazon. A new patent has surfaced showing what seems to be an airborne fulfilment centre which will spew […]

Amazon Huge 24 Hour Digital Day Sale Starts 30th December

Done shopping? Hope you have reserved some cash after Black Friday and Lazada sales week. Cause Amazon has just announced another promotion deal on its online store, this time on Apps, TV shows and video games. Calling it the deal event for devices, Amazon Digital Day sales starts this Friday, December 30 with discounts up […]

Kaby Lake’s Core i7 Has Been Overclocked to Over 7GHz!

Although Kaby Lake still hasn’t been officially launched yet, professional overclocker Allen ‘Splave’ Golibersuch has found a way to push it to its limits. Reports from TechPowerUp say the man has achieved a stable overclock of 7022.96 megahertz (7.02GHz) on an early Core i7-7700K chip. He was able to achieve such numbers by shutting down 2 […]

Twitter Introduces Limited Live 360 Video Feature

Twitter has introduced live 360-degree video to its list of services, but it is more limited than we’d hope. Now, you can check out live, interactive 360 videos from interesting broadcasters and explore what’s happening with them. You’ll be able to get an inside look with well-known personalities and go behind the scenes at exclusive […]

Super Mario Run Coming To Android Soon

For those who were feeling left out when Super Mario Run apps were being downloaded by the millions by Apple iPhone users, need not be for much longer, as Nintendo will be releasing the game for Android very soon. Android users can register their interest on Google Play Store and get notification the minute it […]