Standard Chartered First To Roll Out Video Banking Service

Going to the bank to do your banking services is becoming a chore nowadays like traffic jams, finding a parking spot or waiting in a long queue for your turn at the counter, Time you can save and use for productive ventures in your business. While internet banking revolutionsed the way we conduct our transactions, […]

Deal Closing In For Yahoo Buyout

Looks like Yahoo! is finally getting a suitor after going through a tumultuous couple of years. Technology and mobile giant, Verizon is reputed to be interested in taking the reigns of the once search giant which along the way has been facing an identity crisis. The deal, according to close sources claim could be worth […]

Epson Projectors Named World Number One

The colourful projection on Sydney’s Opera House during a year end countdown is a splendour to watch, vivid colours and striking images are projected on the roof of the iconic building turning them into a canvas and shown to viewers all over the world on television. ¬†These are works of large format projectors with 3D […]

11th Street Rides On Global Pokemon Craze

The Japanese just got their hands on the Pokemon Go app on their mobile device, while the US and Europe were already going crazy with the game. From youngsters to soccer moms were addicted to finding the mysterious monsters, even forgetting to pick their children up from practice. That’s the extent how the game as […]

Samsung Now Sues Huawei Over Patents

      A few months back we posted a news on how Huawei was suing Samsung over patent infringement on its 4G technology the Korean mobile phone maker used in its mobile phones. Now, Samsung is taking similar route and counter suing for alleged infringement on cellular technology and software belonging to its company […]