Samsung Talks About New Battery Processes

Samsung engaged MIT technology Review to publish a white paper on the phone manufactures last year debacle and how it implemented an 8 point battery check process in its plants to eliminate such incident ever happening again in the company. Estimated $10 billion in loses, the punch left Samsung disorientated for 2 months before it decided to […]

The Odd Looking Sony Xperia Ear Is Rather Intelligent

If you think the Sony Xperia Ear is another Bluetooth earpiece that went out in style 2 decades ago, we will not blame you. Why would an electronic company in this decade release a stunted receiver size of betel nut when no-one would use? There is a valid reason for this, imagine a personal assistant constantly […]

More Animes Coming to Netflix

While we like to watch anime currently the available channels to do so are on Astro Animax, limited to selected shows and in Japanese language, late comers like myself find it tough to keep up and quickly lose interest. Wishing there more anime’s and wide spread in choices like when I was in Japan, due […]

Smartphones Changing The Way Malaysians Communicate

  Did you know you have a supercomputer in your pocket? No really. You have a device that literally talks to satellites in space in real time – while letting you look at your favourite cat videos on Youtube. Yup, you guessed right – your smartphone’s what we’re talking about. Ever since these lil gizmos […]

GoPro Updates Karma Firmware

GoPro has released a firmware update for Karma drones that will fix some bugs and will also improve camera detection including landing behaviour. Karma is one of the smaller drone in the market and a first by GoPro, eager to capture the growing trend in aerial drones. The 1.51 firmware is ready for download with […]