Oxygen Update for OnePlus X Brings Manual Camera Mode

If you are one of those who owns the OnePlus X, be informed that there a new update to the OS is being released in stages. OxygenOS 2.2.0 will help fix some issue and also include some new features. The update will now give a manual mode for the Camera App, allow users to save […]

Malaysian Fined RM5000 For Emailing Porn

Criminal Session Court here sentenced an adult male RM5000 for distributing an indecent video and later communication with a lady via email. The offence took place on 15th January 2016. The accused, one Azmi Yahya admitted in committing the crime to the judge of sending a video showing an unknown women performing oral copulation to […]

Dell OS10 Software Offers Flexibility For Data Centres

Dell continues to entrench further in the enterprise sector with its new Open Networking solution with OS10. This next-generation networking software is designed to introduce new levels of software flexibility and programmability in large-scale data center environments. The new software environment advances the functionality of modern data centers by disaggregating network software, so customers have […]