Tougher Security

Burgeoning ICT trends will always have issues to contend with. In the case of Cloud Computing, mobility, and Big Data – mega-trends of 2014 – it had to do with data protection, information management, and the seamless integration of all three. For Anshuman Singh, Group Product Manager and Top In-House Researcher for Barracuda Networks (Global), 2015 will face […]

Cradling the Future

New partners in funding ventures Finding someone to invest in your start-up company can be really hard. To counter this growing negative trend, early stage ecosystem influencer, Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, an entity that clearly understands the scenario all too well, is looking to throw start-ups a helpful bone as it has partnered with four […]

Digitally Processed Sound

ASUS STRIX DSP Gaming Headset When ASUS first announced the STRIX series of gaming hardware, I already know that at some point in time, it will roll out a whole slew of gaming peripherals outside of the standard offerings of graphics cards. So it is no surprise to me that ASUS launched the STRIX DSP […]

Audio on the Go

Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker When it comes to audio, I prefer my headphones or speakers wired. I have never really placed much faith in wireless audio devices as I am highly sceptical of their performance. So when I’ve first gotten the Logitech X300 to review, I pretty much expected to write it […]

Female Less Protected Against Cyber Threats

Women folks have risen up to equal men in every way, March 8 is celebrated as International Womens Day across the world as a mark to recognise the fight and achievement of the fairer sex, however there is still much work to bring forefront on areas of online cyber threats to the opposite gender. According […]