Review: OPPO PM-3 Headphone

Once upon a time, before OPPO formed its smartphone division, the company was releasing various other consumer electronics under its OPPO Digital division. It is from this division that the OPPO PM-3 headphone came into being. We’ve mentioned this particular headphone in 2015 during out audiophile headphone showdown, but we never did a proper review […]

Alphabet becomes the World’s Most Valuable Company

Google’s parent company, Alphabet has become the world’s most valuable company. Alphabet was born just a few months ago, but it’s already earned the title of the most valuable company in the world with a market cap of around $570bn following its Q4 earnings, compared to Apple’s $538bn. This is the first time Google’s value […]

Review: OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier

Alongside the PM-3, OPPO has also seen it fit to drop off the HA-2 for us to review. The HA-2 is a portable headphone amplifier/digital audio converter combo that is meant to be paired up to the PM-3. So without further ado, let’s just dive right into it. LOOKS DIFFERENT In terms of design, the […]

Review: Huawei Mate S

When Huawei announced the Mate S last year, they took pains to emphasise the premium smartphone’s design with the launch theme being ‘gold’. This is very well reflected in the device itself which has a unibody all metal design with a prominent gold trim. BEAUTIFUL SHELL The full metal design also has the advantage of […]

Review: Asus Strix Soar 7.1 PCI-E Sound Card

We have looked at the high-end Strix Raid Pro previously and today we are looking at the most affordable of the Strix sound cards, the Soar. The non-Raid version has much the same hardware and features as its bigger brothers, but it comes without the fancy volume control and its Raid mode features. Is the […]

Sharp RoboHon Could Be Coming Here In June

Mobile phones are nearing saturation, in a world of mono-designed talk piece, a phone with a shape that is not of the convention could spark a new wave of interest. And this particular gadget breaks all the molds of a wireless phone,first making its appearance October last year, the Sharp RoboHon is a mobile phone shape […]

Sony Bravia W650D TV An Affordable Alternative

  With prices of TV screens having coming down significantly, you will find more then one unit in a household, in fact minimum average is two with one a room is now acceptable. RM2000 can now get you a 42″ TV at Harvey Norman. Audio visual specialist Sony, has now introduced a new W650 D […]

Dusk Shadow And Copper Shadow X Box Controllers Hit The Stores

Microsoft has already made available  modern camouflage-patterned, military-inspired series of controllers – Covert Forces, Armed Forces and Midnight Forces. Adding to the collection a new Special Edition shadow design series for Xbox One Wireless Controllers is hit the stores The Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow. These new controllers feature a faded color gradient finish – blue-to-black […]