Twitter Will Let You Know If Your Tweet Is Going To Make You Regret

Have you ever been in a conversation with a strange Twitter user and then got caught in a heated and intense, pointless conversation thread? How did you feel after that? Most of the time, we will regret what we said.

If you are someone who always slipped out of your tongue, or in this case, a finger which then leads you to tweet something out of anger, then this feature is probably going to help. Twitter is testing a feature that shows warning prompts clarifying why a tweet reply has been flagged as potentially harmful, and giving users the option to rephrase their reply or maybe just take it down.

Twitter has decided to proceed with the feature to call out users as they prepare to post messages with harmful content or potentially offensive remarks. This is to help users avoid posting something they might regret as well as to encourage them to choose their words carefully.

Such a prompt system was launched in May 2020, updated in August that year before announcing these latest modifications, February 22. Twitter will indicate why the reply got flagged as it should help the users to comprehend why they got the prompt.

So now, the users will be granted three choices which are tweet it anyway and be prepared for any consequences, edit the reply which is still risky or simply delete it. However, Twitter did not say whether the platform had plans to let users edit tweets or replies after publication which has been asked by many for years

This is however, not the first system that Twitter has tested to encourage the users to think on what they share. They have reported that the number of users who open the articles has increased 40% more often after seeing such a prompt.

Do we really need an app to tell us to be careful with our words? For years we have always been told to watch our mouth as the consequences are always uncertain. Maybe Twitter will be a better place again soon with this prompt, fingers crossed.

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