The Real Reason Donald Trump Is So ‘Shy Shy’ About Wearing A Mask In Public

Going into the weekend, the big question was whether or not US president Donald Trump would be wearing a mask during his visit to the Ford factory in Michigan. Very rarely do you see the leader of a country going against rules set by his own administration, but hey, Trump is unlike any other leader we’ve ever seen.

So, the weekend came and went, and it turns out that Trump did wear a mask during his visit to the factory, albeit behind the scenes. So why on earth was Donald Trump so ‘shy shy’ about wearing a mask out in public? Does he not have the confidence to rock a face mask? Perhaps he feels he looks weird with one on?

Trump himself said that the reason he didn’t wear one openly in front of the cameras is because he “didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it,” which as petty as it sounds, is totally something Trump would say.

If you ask me however, Trump’s reasons for not wanting to be seen with a mask on has a lot more to do with his re-election efforts come November. The US president is hell bent on being perceived as a strong, calm leader who’s got the pandemic under control.

Having played down the whole pandemic, what kind of a message would he be sending to the MAGA crowd should he be seen wearing a mask for something that he’s constantly insisted isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. His trip to Michigan however, saw his resolve tested.

The President had no choice but to risk his facade of invulnerability towards the virus but of course, he blames it on not wanting to give the media the satisfaction. He’s obviously okay with being seen as petty amongst Trump haters, but if he loses the faith of his fan base, he’s going to have a hard time in November.

Thus far, the US has seen 1,667,437 cases of the coronavirus, with 98,691 deaths and 446,927 recoveries.


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