Telco’s Fined RM2.32 Million For Various Offences

Compared to last year this year a total of RM2.32 million in fines were issued to across all telco’s who breached the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA) on telecommunication service providers.
A total of 63 compounds were issued this year lower than the 77 that made the books in 2018, mostly the offences were for various offences including failure to comply with Mandatory Standard of Quality of Service (MSQoS) in Network and Customer Services, which mainly for reasons like of poor network and coverage. There were also fines issued for fake registrations which still persists despite on-going efforts to educate dealers and telco shop on the requirement of proper identification records. Other offences were for instance, operators failing to handle mobile number portability request by consumers, which we commonly hear and read on social media, this are cases where telco’s delay or make it cumbersome for users to migrate.
In a statement released recently, MCMC stated “as the regulator, MCMC will not compromise with those who fail to maintain standards as per the CMA 1998, MSQoS, and the General Consumer Code,” said Zulkarnain Mohd Yasin, Chief Officer Network Security and Enforcement of MCMC.

According to Zulkarnain, MCMC will continue to enforce the CMA 1998 to ensure that the consumers of the communications and multimedia services are able to choose and receive satisfactory level of services at affordable prices.

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