Samsung Offers T-Commerce Option On Its SmartTV

After launching Checkout for Samsung TVs, the smartTV manufacturer is now making ordering items online via television possible. Calling it T-Commerce, Samsung has successfully trialed in Portugal and partnership with local cloud based platform yubuy, television set owners in the European country can order various goods including food such as sushi, pizza and wine from the comfort of their screen.

Ordering from goods and services from TV is nothing new, since the 70’s such services were available with a 1-800 number, whats different now is there is no need to call or wait for someone to attend your call. With credit card details already input, all one has to do browse the apps, see what you require, make your purchase, pay and wait for it to be delivered all at the comfort of your couch.

Depending the commerce app, for instance yubuy allows different payment options ranging from cash on delivery, electronic bill payment, credit card and payment service via a mobile app. Developers are open to reaching out to as many potential users as possible and if the platform is able to offer the masses, eCommerce over TV does not sound like a bad idea.

Television commerce is still nascent with very few developers offering any solution build for specific OS, currently there’s either WebOS used by the likes of LG and Sharp, Android by Sony and Toshiba and Tizen by Samsung. It will take time before developers see the need to tap into TV watching segment here in Malaysia.

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