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  Nvidia’s fastest card ever If you say to me five years ago that we will be getting a graphics card that is this powerful, I would have called you nuts, and walked away. Yet, we are here with the new NVIDIA

Mainstream motherboard If you are looking to buy an Intel Kaby Lake processor for gaming, you would certainly like to buy an appropriate motherboard for that usage as well. But while most of the premium gaming motherboard offers functions such as

Simple layout The Battle AXE is a microATX motherboard layout, so it can be fitted in most cases out there with no problem. The single PCIe 3.0 slot may stop people who are looking for SLI/Crossfire abilities in a motherboard, but

Fast for most jobs Will you need something super-fast for daily computing needs? Not really. The WD Blue SSD proves that even a mass-market SSD can do wonders for any computer. Our test bench felt fast and nimble when the WD

Time To Play God The Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB gaming mouse is a great gaming mouse for its relatively affordable price. At RM219, it’s a lot cheaper compared to many other gaming brands but Gamdias doesn’t skimp on its performance or

      Where’s My Remote? Oh, Wait. The idea of a monitor being as big as 43-inch (diagonally) still has not stuck in my head. In my mind, a screen this large is usually reserved for TVs and not monitors. There were several