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[Review] Cooling Power Always – Panasonic Aero Series Air-Conditioner

[Review] Cooling Power Always – Panasonic Aero Series Air-Conditioner

Sleek lines

The Panasonic Aero Series Air-Conditioner features a very sleek and modern look which will sit nicely in any room in your house. The pearl finish meanwhile gives the Aero Series a luxurious look. What makes this Air-Conditioner special are its flexible twin flaps that can direct and concentrate cool air better than the competitors in the market.

Better Cooling Performance

The twin flaps directs the cooler air upwards to indirectly cool the room without drying out the skin. With this mode, the air-conditioner will switch from a direct cooling mode (which directs the cool air straight to the room) to a shower cooling mode. This mode is gentler on the skin and also cools the room better.

Halting Contaminants

Thanks to the nanoe-G Air Purification system, filtering out particulate matters is a piece of cake. Up to 99% of PM2.5 particulate matter will be filtered out with the nanoe-G filter. PM2.5 consists of extremely small particles, measuring less than 2.5 micrometres. These particulate matters are said to pose health problems as they are fine enough to enter your lungs and either cause or be a catalyst to breathing problems.

Energy Saving Inverter

By using an inverter unit, the Panasonic Aero Series Air-Conditioner will prevent wasteful energy consumption by varying the compressor operations to maintain the temperature. Even at full power, the energy usage of an inverter unit will be much lower than a non-inverter unit. At the same time, the cooling performance of an inverter unit is 1.5-times faster than a non-inverter unit.


Value:                   8
Features:             8
Performance:    8
Design:                 9
Usability:             9

Verdict: A great cooling solution for your home or your office.

Total Score:        8.4 (GOLD)

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