Police Officer Among Those Caught Violating Inter-State Travel Ban

This takes the cake. A cop in Samarahan, Sarawak was issued a compound for violating the inter-state travel ban when we was caught together with 24 others when they were questioned for their travel papers.

All of them did not have the papers and were hauled up to the station only to discover one of them to be a police office from Samarahan Police Headquarters. He was apparently caught while riding his motorbike in Simunjan which is another district in Sarawak. Officers who apprehended the cop informed their superior that all 25 of them failed to show permit documents and were from Samarahan.

When inquired, the guilty cop admitted of the offense and claimed that he just wanted to take his bike and stroll to Simunjan since he hasn’t gone for a long ride for quite some time.

Many people who left the city for the holiday without proper permits are facing dilemma in returning on fears of compound after the Government issued a warning stating all those caught will still receive punishment. Some are staying put waiting out for checkpoints to be lifted while some are taking alternative ways to return.

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