Numskull Designs Reveals New Crash Bandicoot Range of Merch

In light of the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy coming to PC and the Switch, get some merch for it! Yes that’s right, Numskull Designs are coming up with a whole lineup of Crash Bandicoot merchandise. Check these cool looking stuff out:

numskull crash bandicoot

Numskull Designs’ headline product for the 2018 Crash Bandicoot range is the Wumpa Fruit Candle. When you light it up, it gives you a nice fruity aroma. This helps to give Crash Bandicoot players a unique and immersive experience when playing the game. You could also just add it to your collection of gaming merchandise as a quirky extra. Their other additions include some mug designs, a bottle opener magnet, crate coasters, a crate stress ball as well as furry and plain snapbacks.

On top of that, Numskull Designs also have some Playstation related products too! Check out their tweet below:

You can check out Numskull Designs as well as their Crash Bandicoot products by clicking here. Alternatively, you can click here to pre-order Crash Bandicoot N.Sane on Steam.

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