MYTHEO Is The Digital Investment Management Service Millennials Have Been Waiting For

MYTHEO includes a seamless digital customer on boarding experience, e-payment capabilities, biometric recognition, voice activation commands, a chatbot and big data analysis.

It may sound crazy but a recent survey done by Luno, a company in the field of crypto asset exchange, found that nearly half of Malaysian Millennials “do not invest at all”. To go into further detail, it also said that around 31% of Malaysian millennials did not have an investment strategy, while 16% only invested once every one or two years. I don’t know about you, but that reads for some scary statistics.

That being said, it’s 2019 and there’s an app for everything! Fintech is booming and apps promoting financial literacy are on the rise. MYTHEO, a Digital Investment Management service launched by Silverlake digital is one such example.

While Malaysian millennials may not be in on it, the Malaysian market is prime property for the fintech industry due to it’s open nature to innovation. MYTHEO aims to promote financial literacy and inclusiveness especially in the millennial segment, thanks to its user-friendly process and affordability.

We get it, thinking about your finances or your future can be rather daunting, especially if you’re clueless when it comes to investments. What MYTHEO offers is a personalised and professional digital investment management service with a starting commitment of RM500. 

The simplicity of MYTHEO starts from analysing the needs of the client and then works backwards to build the optimal portfolio. The service is customer-centric— A personalised portfolio can be created for users by answering five questions in the span of 3-4 minutes.

The service uses a proprietary algorithm developed by Money Design with Kyoto University, Japan which generates optimised portfolios of each investor based on their profile, individual income and risk appetite. What all this essentially means is you can wave goodbye to being unable to tell head from tail when it comes to where to invest your money.

MYTHEO is actually the fruit of a collaboration between the Silverlake group and Japanese Money Design Co., Ltd. through a joint-venture company, GAX MD Sdn. Bhd. 

In 2016, Money Design pioneered the very first roboadvisory service – ‘THEO’ in Japan, under the regulation of the Japan Financial Services Agency and has today benefited over 60,000 Japanese investors managing more than USD300 million in total assets.

The silverlake group on the other hand, is one of the largest and most successful IT solutions providers in Asia. The company is recognised as a digital innovation leader with over 30 years of experience. With such big players behind this, you know you’re in good hands.



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