Malaysians more open to e-commerce – Yahoo Net Study

David Jeffs, Head of Insights, Yahoo! Southeast Asia; Jon Tjin Kee, Sales Director, Yahoo! Malaysia; Ben Llewellyn, Managing Director, Synovate Malaysia; at the Yahoo!- Synovate 2nd Net Index Study Findings On Internet Trends, Digital Development and Online Behavior, media briefing in Malaysia on July 28, 2011.

Generation-Y would best identify with this brand during their teens and this global digital content provider still remains a favourite for many, across all genders, age, social status and countries. Adding zest by engaging users with localised content and improved features, Yahoo! has come a long way and the company continues to innovate to revolutionise the Internet landscape. Recently at an event in KL, Yahoo! Malaysia invited the media to witness some key findings in the online trends of Malaysians. The findings give marketers an opportunity to tap on potential customer base and also for users to obtain the content they want at their fingertips.

Kee engaging with the media, asking them what Yahoo! means to them

“With the evolution of Malaysia’s digital landscape, marketers need to realign their strategies based on the changing online dynamics. Yahoo!’s Net Index study provides in-depth consumer insights that help marketers to craft meaningful strategies to drive real results and engage with consumers better,” says Jon Tjin, Yahoo! Malaysia Country Ambassador.

Social networking is the most popular online activity among Malaysians at 90-percent of which a majority of the people they engage with are people they know such as family and friends. Being the most ‘social’ in the region, there is a trend where young Malaysians are the most active users but there is a rise in other age groups as well. With the proliferation of smartphones, there is a spike in mobile Internet usage as well.

Yahoo!’s Net Index study by Synovate is done annually to find out what makes netizens tick and learn the behaviours of the user for targeted content. The study also revealed an increase of interest in online deal aggregation and group buying sites. Malaysians are more open to e-commerce compared to before and are comfortable using their credit card as a choice payment method.


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