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Make Room for Doom

Make Room for Doom

The hype train has finally reached the station with Overwatch introducing its latest playable character: Doomfist. For those who are unfamiliar with the lore, Doomfist is a title that has been carried by three individuals, mainly  Adhabu Ngumi, known as the Savior, Akinjide Adeyemi, known as the Scourge, and Akande Ogundimu, known as the Successor. The playable character will be Ogundimo as he has killed Adeyemi to take the title for his own gain.

Primarily an Offense hero, Doomfist can deal ranged damage from his Hand Cannon while his melee ability is Rising Uppercut. Doomfist will also have two special abilities: Seismic Slam and Rocket Punch. He also has an ultimate ability: Meteor Strike.

After much anticipation and speculation about the man providing the voice for Doomfist, many fans – present company included – were distraught to hear that it will sadly not be Terry Crews doing the voice-over. That role will go to Sahr Ngaujah, an American theatre director and actor. Although we’re sure Blizzard wouldn’t pick a bad voice actor to play Doomfist, it is still quite saddening to know it wouldn’t be Terry Crew’s voice, especially after getting used to all of his Old Spice commercials.

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