It’s The Sims 4, But Make It High Fashion

Let’s face it, it’s hard for us to own a Gucci regardless of whatever it is. Even a pair of its belt would cost us our annual salary.

You are not alone, peeps!

Gucci has teamed up with “The Sims” content creators Harrie and Grimcookies to bring exclusive Gucci-branded content to the game, including a custom-built treehouse and apparel. In real-life, the “Off The Grid” campaign concentrates on using endurable fabrics like recycled nylon, as part of a what they call a circular fashion model.

Staying true to their fundamental designs, hats and shoes will be available for The Sims characters to wear, while the backpacks and other accessories can be used as decorations for players to fill their builds with.

This recent update also comes with 4 CAS and 11 decor items to the game but different swatches that matches accurately the original design. It also bestows positive environment and mood score AND if you have The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle installed, the green eco footprint shall be upgraded.

By the way, the campaign ’Off The Grid’ that is utilised in this game is also been featured in real life. Grimcookies digitalized the Gucci Off The Grid campaign, featuring the testimonials including Jane Fonda. The creator recreated pieces from the Gucci Off The Grid collection, available for players who have downloaded these Mods in The Sims 4.

This update, personally to me is an innovation that combines fashion and gaming which can be deemed as two worlds apart. Who in the world could have thought of mixing fashion and gaming in the same collaborations?

More interesting, there are YouTube videos made where it shows a YouTube personality speed building a digital counterpart of the treehouse from the Gucci Off The Grid campaign. With that also, shall provided here the trailers for this upcoming updates so you can see yourself how this update is clearly made fashion relevant to gaming.

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