iflix Partners with Complex Networks to Localise Signature Shows

iflix today announces a content partnership with youth culture media company, Complex Networks (Complex). The company will host localised versions of Complex’s content formats. This comes in the form of a new original series hosted on Complex’s own iflix channel. The channel will also showcase the network’s most popular global series. You won’t have to pay anything, as these shows will be available on iflix’s platform for free.

The new production slate includes Hot Ones, an interview show where celebrities answer questions while eating hot chicken wings. Hot Ones launches this fall in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. Furthermore, the localised format features a new familiar local host, and adds popular regional hot sauces to the line-up.

iflix’s new licensed formats include:

  • Hot Ones lets you watch your favorite celebs laugh, cry, and divulge in their deepest secrets while eating progressively spicier wings.
  • Sneaker Shopping spotlights the styles, silhouettes and significance of sneaker culture through the eyes of bold-faced names in music, sports, film, television and pop culture.
  • Complex Closets goes inside the closets of the biggest pop culture figures today to talk about the shoes that define their style.
  • Don’t Believe the Hype tells you what’s hot and what’s just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food — nothing is safe.
  • Get Sweaty features the hottest celebrities exercising in the coolest gyms.
  • Price the Hype is the ultimate game show for hypebeasts. Contestants compete head-to-head, proving their knowledge through trivia and challenges, with both money and sneakers on the line.

iflix Group Chief Content Officer Sean Carey says, “We are committed to delivering the very best in snackable and short form content to our subscribers, particularly the “now” generation, a growing force with significant influence on taste and trend.”

Complex Networks currently produces over 30 daily and weekly series across its award-winning brands. These series are available through YouTube, social channels, and a growing list of distributors. Its flagship shows Sneaker Shopping and Hot Ones each have over 250 million lifetime views. Its newest series The Burger Show also has over 4 million views in its first month of launch.

You can learn more about iflix on its Facebook page.

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