Honor And Huawei Nova, Identity Crisis

Honor is making a loud cry about its new colour on the 8X, adding to the existing blue, black, red the new Phantom Blue so its called, is nothing more than what you see in its sister brand Nova, both manufactured by parent company Huawei.

The whole world knows Honor is part of Huawei and that both the Nova and Honor share parts, mold and even management and PR agency. By marketing two brands of similar target segment, Huawei has the  potential to reach audiences that usually cant be achieved with single brand, however this is not always the case. Brand books are filled with double brand failures just ask Coca-Cola and HP. But taking consumers for granted is when Nova and Honor release their flagships back to back and carry near close features and colour variations, causing decision struggles for consumers.

To add to the struggle, the pricing for both brands also do not differ much- is it to show that they are competing with each other, again alluding consumers to think they are not from the same manufacturer or is there an ulterior motive behind all this? Not much is clear on Huawei’s approach behind this strategy whether if Honor will be spun off to a stand alone entity or sold to a third party. While the latter is not common for a Chinese company( they usually buy company’s) the story of Honor is rather strange. Nova phones were only latter added into the Huawei family(Honor came first), presumably to compete with the rising competition brands in the mid-segment. With Honor already stigmatised as a label for the lower end users this could be rational behind Nova series, however of late with the resurgence and new brand identity the label could inch up the pecking order to even premium status. What is the rational now?

Huawei as a brand is going through a horrid time that will impact all its products under the parent company, these are the perils of multiple brands- mothership gets attacked the rest burns as well. Reputation aside, for the rest of us there is no distinction between Nova and Honor apart from the name, lets just call a spade a spade and stop fooling the consumers.

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