Google Pushing Internet Etiquette with Education

Although the official tagline has been removed, Google is still practising their motto of “Don’t Be Evil”. More than just producing the tech for users, Google is aiming to provide guidance for users from a young age to make smart decisions online.

“Be Internet Awesome” is Google’s initiative aimed at children for encouraging ensuring safety as well as etiquette online. The program focuses on five key lessons, with specific resources for kids, educators and parents:

  • Be Internet Smart: Share with care
  • Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake
  • Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets
  • Be Internet Kind: It’s cool to be kind
  • Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out

“It’s critical that the most influential people in our kids’ lives—parents and teachers, especially—help kids learn how to be smart, positive and kind online, just like we teach them to be offline.” Google wrote in a post.

For the kids, Google created a free, web-based online game called Interland. In this imaginary world of four lands, kids combat hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies.

Google also works with Internet Keep Safe Coalition and educators across the country to create a classroom curriculum that reinforces the five principles at school. The curriculum includes lesson plans, activities and worksheets align with the International Society for Technology in Education’s Standards for Students, which educators look toward to define skills for safe and positive action online.

Parents can also join in the conversation through signing the Be Internet Awesome Pledge. Families can discover content under #BeInternetAwesome Challenge, a video series that makes talking about online safety fun and accessible, from YouTube creators including John Green, the What’s Inside? Family and MinutePhysics.

This program was developed in collaboration with online safety experts like the Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely.

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