Astro Trials Customer Profiling Using AI

Astro is using the power of cloud technology from Microsoft Azure to experiment on Digital Customer profiling using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Trialling on Stadium Astro’s platform, the experiment aims to increase the capability of Astro’s business to evaluate and respond to each individual’s preferences in real time to effectively match supply with demand. This is part of Astro’s efforts in driving better economic outcomes for both consumers and advertisers.

The Digital Customer Profiling technology of Astro allows the media company to understand the interests of their consumers. Leveraging Azure’s cloud infrastructure, Astro’s big data solutions can crunch billions of hypotheses in seconds to ascertain what each consumers’ interests are, allowing them to personalise customer experiences in real-time.

Ridhuan Sidek, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Astro said, “We, at Astro, are pursuing a Consumer First narrative to keep pace with the changing business landscape. One of our strategic initiative is the ability to adapt and respond better to the interests of our customers and this initiative was crucial to making it possible. We are constantly engaging and personalising our content to meet the needs and interests of our customers. Over the year, we have built our capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Algorithms and Analytics within the company.”

The Digital Customer Profiling experiment took place over two months until August 2017 on Stadium Astro platform to engage better with its audience. Sidek noted that, Astro observed a significant improvement in the clickthrough rates across Stadium Astro’s content recommendations, indicating that more people were reading Stadium Astro’s content as they were more relevant.

Michal Golebiewski, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer, Microsoft Malaysia said, “Microsoft has a long-standing relationship with Astro over the years, however, this is the first time Microsoft has worked so closely with Astro on a cloud based big data initiative. We are confident that our trusted cloud solutions will propel Astro’s digital transformation to enable them to deliver exceptional customer experience.”

Astro worked together with Kasatria Technologies Sdn Bhd, a local MSC Status company and Microsoft partner to build the Digital Customer Profiling platform tailored to exacting specifications. Kasatria is a Technology Innovation Grant recipient from MDEC and have patents filed in both Malaysia & the US in the area of Digital Customer Profiling using Micro-Conversions.

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